Day Sixteen: Friday November 16th, Will We Open On Time?

Most restaurant openings are notorious for not being ready on promised time. It has happened to me before and it pains me to think that I will repeat it yet again. The media launch date has been planned and press releases will be going out soon, but I need to get some clearer sense of whether it will happen. I went with a publicity/marketing company, Sizzling Communications to represent us. They represent, among others, one of my favourite restaurants in the city, Bloom Restaurant, and celebrity chefs like Christine Cushing. They’re one of the best in the industry, very flexible, and they will be primarily responsible for media campaigns and special event promotions (Top Chef yakitori-making classes, kimchi-making classes etc.). I just don’t know if they will have the patience to deal with a moving target like our opening dates…

Looking at what has been achieved thus far doesn’t give me much to hope for a grand opening on December 1st. The only things that got done today were the Yakitori Bar ceiling design piece (originally a “W” from the previous tenant-to-be, but added an additional set of planks to fill up the ceiling). The second washroom was installed (you will remember that I wanted guests to use the main floor washrooms as much as possible, and not the ones in the basement), but work inside has not yet started. The vent piping issue was addressed, but came with some extensive work and unexpected cost. As for the Seoul Food space, well, you can see that the electrician was in, but little room for the equipment which is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.The company who wanted to purchase the two-sided benches didn’t come in today to pick them up. Messages were left. Messages were unanswered. Anyone want two-sided benches…? All this, I fear, is going to push back the grand opening date, which makes no sense when you are writing a blog called HOW TO OPEN A RESTAURANT IN 30 DAYS.

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